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Something I posted elsewhere a while back

My brow is glistening
My arm is aching
My back is tired
But still not breaking

I saw the critical looks
With no words spoken
My resolve is battered
But still unbroken

Those that are mine
Look up to me
I cannot stop
Until it comes to be

So I grit my teeth
Plunge back into the fight
I clean my bruises
During the tired nights

Bring it on
My resilient call
Until the reward
Is clear to all.


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That defining moment
When you again realise
The truths you have tried
To keep away from your eyes

That they are not with you
That you are on your own
They won’t stand by you
You will have to walk alone

That you need to actually act
Or it won’t get done
Things will get ugly
And that will not be fun

That you really are not
The you that’s in your head
The truth is you did not
Do as you had said

You tried to make excuses
You tried to explain
But now you cannot hide
Now it’s all plain

That defining moment
When you cannot but see
Truth that must be
When truth sets you free

(c) Abraham Gumba
02nd October 2012

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In a perfect life,
I would own a hammock
and a yard with a tree
big enough to hang it on
that on a perfect day
I would lie in
with a book
good enough to stop myself from reading in one seating
by closing my eyes and letting the suns rays
piercing through the canopy overhead
dance on my skin.

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The it-can’t-be-done lot
Says, well, it can’t be done
But I’ll give my best shot
Even if I’m the only one

The fact that you could not
Does not mean I can’t
The seeds of doubt you’ve got
Are of a weed, a choking plant.

But my dear you don’t stand a prayer
I’ve heard the themes of the nay-sayers
Like the rapper said, your mind ain’t prepared
But mine is, and I’m getting somewhere

We miss all the chances we don’t take
So I know it would definitely be a mistake
To just give up for your sake
There is way too much at stake

I’ll play with the big boys
Swim with the big fish
You can try to destroy
Something like this

You say it’s a matter of time
I say it’s a matter of time
You may still be without understanding
And I will still be left standing

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Thanks – 002

I probably do not say it enough.

Thank you for caring about us
Wanting us to succeed
Thank you for the effort you put
Wherever you see need

Thank you for thinking about us
How we can make things better
Thank you for the dreams you have
Of a future that is greater

Thank you for the food you make
To delight and to nourish
Thank you for your thoughtful gifts
I keep, use and cherish

Thank you for the fun and laughter
The happy times we share
Thank you Kay
For being there.

24th Nov 2011

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This was inspired by a post on my sister’s blog

We look good together
Is what she said
And a few lines
Played in my head

We live good together
We laugh and talk
Tickling tussles
An evening walk

We eat good together
Is that true?
Good eating by me
Great cooking by you

We sleep good together
That can be said
Even when one encroaches
The other’s side of the bed

We’ll live good together
As long as we agree
God, you and me
A band of three
02 March 2011

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