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The Nomination

I have been/was nominated for/named for(?)/awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Twice actually.



Thank you Sam and Ellie for the nominations/award.

I felt honoured/humbled/scared that someone could actually consider my ramblings writings inspiring.

I find it a little scary when I get notified that someone is now following my blog. I sort of feel that I have to write something good enough for an audience. You know like if you were singing in your house then you discover that someone is listening/can hear you? Yeah, like that.

But it is also a nice feeling, so thank you all who follow this blog.

The Rules

Now, this award comes with some rules:

1. Display the award image on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites.
5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post.

I will do the first 3.

The Links

I will leave out number 4 because you can already see the blogs I follow on the right column of the page. Do go through them. I think you will find something you like.

And in case my sister’s blog has been pushed off the list, you can find it here. Yes, I can be nepotistic 🙂

I will leave out Number 5 because I really do not want to impose any requirements on these good bloggers, but I will add two links to sites that I read that are not on WordPress:



I have already linked to the two people who nominated me above.

The Logo

So here is the award logo. Apparently there are various slightly different versions. I got this one via Google.


The Facts

Seven things about myself, in random order.

1) I have been on TV at least thrice – performing something, in a game show and my wedding.

2) I have a sweet tooth, but this has been somewhat curbed since I started taking an interest in fitness

3) I like horror movies and Stephen King’s books (but chickened out of watching an actual lynching/burning video clip)
(I was amazed that a friend of mine did not know who Stephen King was, but then again, that friend knew who Pamela Anderson was and I did not)

4) I am (overly?) analytical

5) I am generally a night person.

6) I got my driving license when I was 35 or so. Yeah.

7) I like animals. Had a pet dog called Cocoa.

Bonus: I don’t really like watching sports. I can watch, but it’s not a big thing for me.

The Feedback

Yeah. So that’s a little about me.

Your turn. Tell us something about yourself.

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Long, long ago, (well, from around 1999) Yahoo! used to offer a public profile page for holders of Yahoo! accounts. This page was accessible via geocities.com/your-yahoo-username (I think). There was a fairly easy-to-use (for that time) page builder, and I built a basic web site for myself there, and I used to post pictures and share some info on the site. It was fun. Yahoo closed down Geocities in 2009, though apparently the Japan one is still up.

Somewhere along the line I created a blog at blogspot.com. (also known as blogger.com) Apparently my first post there is dated May 2004. This was before it was bought by Google. I do not blog there regularly, perhaps because I find the interface unexciting.

Yahoo introduced a blogging platform called Yahoo 360. I enjoyed using that one and was blogging on it with some regularity. Unfortunately, Yahoo shut that down as well in 2009. I think I saved some of my posts from there somewhere. I may post them here someday.

I joined Facebook in 2007 (though I encountered some technical problems with that profile and deactivated it). Facebook introduced a Notes feature that allowed you to write stuff and add a picture (I think only one picture per post). I used to write Notes there with some frequency, and they used to elicit a number of comments.

For a short while, I used to post Notes on Facebook and post the same content here. Then I decided to abandon the Facebook Notes for four reasons:

  • Facebook seemed to have changed something in the way it works, such that posts got less publicised than before (This is my unresearched view).
  • Facebook also changed the user interface and removed the tabs that used to be along the upper part of one’s profile, from which viewers could easily access one’s Notes.
  • WordPress offers a richer interface, allowing you to link easily to other stuff, add pictures easily etc
  • It was tedious doing similar things twice.

If I remember well, at some point Facebook also introduced a blogging app, but I did not use it. (Except to write a post that I would not use it 🙂 )

My first WordPress blog post, cleverly titled ‘First One’, is dated 09 Oct 2008. I moved to WordPress after my sister did and I saw her new blog. WordPress also had (probably still has) a better interface than Blogspot and perhaps more features. (I don’t feel like doing a detailed comparison at the moment).

So there we are. It has been interesting blogging with comparative regularity, and reading other people’s blogs. Let’s see how this journey goes.

What has been your blogging experience? Feel free to share below! Thanks for reading!

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