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This is my submission for this week’s Friday Fictioneers that is ably hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
You can read about Friday Fictioneers at the end of this post.
Join us.

Below is the picture prompt for this week and below that is my story.

Picture copyright Lora Mitchell


Picture copyright Lora Mitchell

Picture copyright Lora Mitchell

“So you say you have planted a tracking device on him?”
“Yes. Several, in fact, in case he drops one or two.”
“And how does that help get the job done?”
“We will receive electronic notification as soon as he leaves the hotel, and that will automatically activate this equipment.”
“Isn’t everything a bit far away?”
“Not at all. The camera has extraordinary zoom capabilities and will record everything.”
“And the rest of the equipment?”
“I assure you, the hotel entrance is well within range.”
“Won’t the flower get in the way?”
“Sir, a mere flower cannot stop a bullet.”
100 words

Below is the picture prompt for last week and below that is my story.

Picture copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Genre: Fantasy

Picture copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Picture copyright Jennifer Pendergast

“How much longer do we have to climb?”
“No one knows. Stop talking. Keep climbing.”
“The hunters are going to catch up with us.”
“If you keep wasting breath on needless talk, they will.”
“Can I use some accelerator potion?”
“No! Not for these Endless Stairs. Might need it more later. For now, just shut up!”
“Aren’t you hearing me? The more we talk, the slower we climb, the greater the chances the hunters will catch up with us and the lower our chances of reaching the Gate. So, d’you want stop and chat or d’you want to climb?”
100 words

You can read interesting stories by other participants here:

I read all your comments and I appreciate them, even if I take long to respond and even if I do not respond to each comment individually.

With last week’s picture, I decided to try something different from my usual stuff. I’m not too pleased with the result. Email me your receipts for a refund 🙂

Sorry I was unable to read your stories last week and also some from the week before 😦

About Friday Fictioneers
Friday Fictioneers is a group that works as follows:
Every week you get a picture.
Prompted by that picture, you write a piece of fiction that is 100 words long (or as close as you can get).
You add a link to your story on the Fictioneers page, and read the varied and awesome stories by the other Friday Fictioneers.

Feel free to join us! Everyone is welcome.

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Some comments: I was really waiting for Friday, to get the photo prompt. Then it came early(?) and I was not in a rush to post my story 🙂
The (few) times I have written flash fiction before, it has been fairly easy – getting it done within minutes and in a few drafts. This time I had to think quite a bit (yes, I am capable of thought – or so I think) and I had to cut out some ideas to fit the 100-word limit.
Also, I noticed that the (few) times I have written flash fiction before, I have had little or no actual dialogue in the stories. After reading a few stories from the excellent Friday Fictioneers, I decided to ensure I had dialogue in this one.
Also, I managed to not exceed 100 words 🙂
Your comments are very welcome and much appreciated even if I do not manage to respond to each one individually.
This week’s story page is here http://www.madison-woods.com/Wordpress/101912-2/

Photo courtesy of Ron Pruitt

It took a lot of effort not to jostle.
“I told you someone would come,” said Carla.
“Yeah. Good thing I didn’t set off with Harold”
“Do you think he made it?”
“I don’t know. If he moved fast enough, he may just have reached the next town before night fell. But if he didn’t, him alone against them…” he trailed off.
“That’s why you wanted to go with him.”
“Partly. Two or more of us would stand a better chance.”
The bus drove out of the now uninhabited town.

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